Weekly Meditation Classes

Finding Control and Balance

Tuesday’s 6th – 27th July | 7:00pm – 8:30 PM


“Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.” – Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

The key to success & growth is developing a balanced outlook that is both realistic about our shortcoming & positive about our potential.

We can find inner peace & a positive mind when the whole world around us seems to be going crazy,  By learning how to meditate, we can train our mind to think differently.  In this course, you can discover the potential for lasting happiness and joy within your own mind.

The Path of Compassion

Thursday’s 8th – 29th July | 7:00pm – 8:30 PM


Compassion fills our life with meaning. So, what is it? It is not just being nice, though it will lead us to be good people. Actual compassion is defined as the mind wishing others to be free from suffering and its causes. It’s the other side of the coin from wishing love, wishing others to have happiness and its causes. 

We already have some compassion, it may be a bit limited and biased, it may come and go, but we do have it. It is our Buddha nature. In this course learn how to strengthen this virtuous mind and progress along the spiritual path to Enlightenment.

The Art of Self Acceptance


TUESDAY’S 7TH – 28TH September | 7:00PM – 8:30 PM

Why relate to a limited sense of self when we have such amazing potential? All too often we are too hard on ourselves, too unforgiving and critical. This leads to a lack of self esteem and discouragement. Of course we make mistakes, we are human beings, but with Buddha’s teachings we have the chance to realise our potential to be loving, kind and compassionate beings. The essence of our nature is a truly beautiful state.  Meditation helps us relate to our true nature and to believe in ourselves and our ability to be happy, truly happy all of the time

How the Mind Works

Saturday 9th of September | 10:00am – 1:15 pM

In this series of classes we will explore Buddhist insights into the nature and function of the mind and learn how to use the creative power of our mind to create the experiences we wish for.

As happiness and suffering are states of mind, if we are to find the happiness we seek an understanding of our mind is essential. Through learning how our mind works, we can begin to bring our mind under control, and in this way improve the quality of our life, both now and in the future.