The Nature of Things


Taking Buddha’s teachings on the ultimate nature of reality – emptiness – to heart will revolutionise our lives! The understanding that things do not exist outside the mind, but only relative to the mind, will empower us to be able to fulfil our wishes, especially our deepest wishes for lasting happiness and a meaningful, beneficial life. On this course, Kelsang Drolkar will demonstrate how this profound understanding can be integrated into our lives simply and directly, enabling us to let go fully of our unhappy thoughts and self-limiting tendencies. This meditation will help us in every facet of our life. Everyone welcome! 

This Half-day course will take place in-person at KMC Plymouth on Saturday the 2nd of October. The course comprises of two sessions and includes guided meditations, the first session starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 11:15 am, followed by a 45-minute break we will then have a second session from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm. At the end of the class, you will have a chance to ask questions to the teacher. The course will also be available to watch online live and on replay for 5 days after the event.

If you book online it’s only £15! Also, we have MP3s available if you pre-book now you can get one for £7.50!

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