Pay Monthly Membership

With one of our pay monthly memberships you can enjoy unlimited access to our classes and events.

We offer a variety of memberships to suit you with easy online payments via PayPal Subscriptions.

You don’t need to worry about remembering to pay each month as it’s all taken care of. 

Please note that this only applies to KMC Plymouth events. Any special events such as guest teachers, festivals and Dharma celebrations are not included.

Online Only

£ 24
  • All Weekly Meditation Classes
  • All Half Day Courses
  • No In-Person Classes or Courses


£ 34
  • All Weekly Meditation Classes​
  • All Half Day Courses​
  • FP or TTP In-Depth Study *
  • All Lunchtime Meditation


£ 44
  • All Weekly Meditation Classes
  • All Half Day Courses
  • FP or TTP In-Depth Study​ *
  • All Full Day Courses
  • All Urban Retreats~
  • All Empowerments
  • FREE MP3 Event Recording Downloads on selected events
  • FREE Book every time we start a new book on FP or TTP
  • All Lunchtime Meditation


Foot Notes
* Requires separate enrolment.
# Applies if you are enrolled on FP or TTP and applies to the new book being studied on your study program only.
Free downloads must be pre-ordered and ticket holders must have attended the event. 
~ Urban retreats are short weekend retreats only. Longer retreats are not included.

Terms and Conditions

  • ​Membership is provided on an initial ONE MONTH minimum period.
  • Monthly subscriptions will automatically be collected via PayPal. If your payment does not clear, your membership will become void.
  • If you cancel your membership subscription, your membership will expire at the end of the last calendar day before your monthly renewal date.
  • You may be refused entry to an event or class if you do not present a valid membership card on request of a member of KMC Plymouth’s managers or volunteer staff. Other photographic proof of identity may be accepted.
  • Only the named membership card holder is able to benefit from the membership. Memberships and Membership Cards are non-transferable.
  • Memberships payments are non-refundable.
  • Loss of a membership card must be reported as soon as possible to KMC Plymouth.
  • Access to our study programmes is subject to enrollment and your undertaking certain commitments. Access to these programmes is not offered on a drop-in or ad hoc basis.
  • Kadampa Meditation Centre Plymouth reserves the right to refuse or end enrollment to a study programme to individual subscription members without it affecting their other membership benefits.
  • KMC Plymouth will not accept liability or responsibility for any material, financial or other such losses incurred from using PayPal subscriptions. Any such issues should be addressed to PayPal, although KMC Plymouth will undertake to provide advice and support as best possible in the event of an issue.
  • All enquiries, concerns or complaints regarding KMC Plymouth Memberships should be addressed to the Administration Director of Kadampa Meditation Centre Plymouth.
  • Free MP3 Downloads: All recordings must be pre-ordered and the relevant event attended by the ticket holder. Due to the nature of Dharma teachings, MP3 recordings are not offered as a substitute to attending an event. 
  • MP3 recordings are offered on selected events taught by the Resident Teacher of KMC Plymouth and selected guest teachers. Recordings are made available at the discretion of KMC Plymouth managers