TUES 7-8:30PM | 5-26 MAY

In this 4-week course we will be studying simple techniques to enhance our meditation practice, as well as learning to cultivate positive minds to help combat common day to day problems.

Week 1 - How to meditate at home

In this class we will look at the fundamentals of meditation - what it is exactly, the benefits of meditation, how to develop our confidence in meditating at home and some of the common pitfalls and hacks to make it easier.

Week 2 - Finding your object of meditation

Sometimes we can find ourselves lost in thoughts during meditation or quietly sitting there thinking of nothing. This class will examine how we establish the correct object of meditation clearly and vividly so that we can gain deeper insights into different ways of reacting to situations and cultivate powerful, peaceful states of mind.

Week 3 - Changing from within

Meditation works by changing our inner view of situations, helping us to find constructive new approaches to situations that we would normally find challenging and disruptive. This class will cover one of the most effective ways of changing from within by learning to shift our focus away from ourselves onto others.

Week 4 - Integrating meditation into daily life

Learn the essential methods to take the insights from a meditation session and apply them immediately to the rest of our day. By bringing the peace of mind from the meditation into our day and recalling it hours after the session has finished we will be able to uplift and reconnect with the peace of mind we worked so hard to develop in meditation.

Streamed live from the serenity of KMC Plymouth on Tuesdays at 7-8:30pm with the ability to ask questions to our resident teacher Gen Kelsang Tsangpa.

If you miss this date don't worry! with your purchase you are able to re-watch the stream for up to 5 days after the live event!

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