How to Solve Our Human Problems

Thursdays 3rd-24th Feb | 7:00pm-8:30pm

We have the potential to free ourselves from all our problems, but firstly we need to correctly identify them.
In the book How To Solve Our Human Problems, Geshe Kelsang says:
“To solve our human problems and enable us to find everlasting peace and happiness, Buddha gave the most profound teachings for us to use as practical advice. His teachings are known as ‘Dharma’, which means supreme protection from suffering. Dharma is the actual method to solve our human problems. To understand this, first we should consider what is the real nature of our problems and what are their main causes.”

This course will be available in-person
Each class comprises of a talk and two guided meditations.
At the end of the class you will have a chance to ask questions.
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