Half Day Courses



 From Buddha’s teachings we understand all phenomena are the nature of our mind: when our mind is impure , they are impure and when our mind becomes pure through purification they become pure.

Buddha taught methods for gradually overcoming negative states of mind such as anger, jealousy, and ignorance, and developing positive minds such as love, compassion, and wisdom. Through this, we will come to experience lasting peace and happiness. These methods work for anyone, in any country, at any age.

Once we have gained experience of them for ourselves we can pass them on to others so they, too, can enjoy the same benefits. The Buddhist way of life – peace, loving kindness, and wisdom – is just as relevant today as it was when Buddha appeared in ancient India.


Taking Buddha’s teachings on the ultimate nature of reality – emptiness – to heart will revolutionise our lives!

The understanding that things do not exist outside the mind, but only relative to the mind, will empower us to be able to fulfil our wishes, especially our deepest wishes for lasting happiness and a meaningful, beneficial life.

 On this course, Kelsang Drolkar will demonstrate how this profound understanding can be integrated into our lives simply and directly, enabling us to let go fully of our unhappy thoughts and self-limiting tendencies.

This meditation will help us in every facet of our life. Everyone welcome! 


In these challenging and uncertain times everyone needs a special method to help build inner strength – the inner protection of spiritual experience.

Lamrim practice is this special method.

It is suitable for everyone and mixes easily with daily life, even during these exceptional times.

Everyone wishes for permanent liberation from suffering and pure and everlasting happiness. This wish will be fulfilled through Lamrim practice; therefore it is the real wishfulfilling jewel.

There is refuge, direction, purpose, hope and meaning in this impure world. In this special Kadampa teaching Kelsang Drolkar will help us discover the joy of Lamrim practice.