Half Day Courses

Letting go of the Past

Saturday 3rd of July | 10:00am – 1:15 pM


We can all have trouble letting go of the memory of painful events in our past and this can affect the way we respond to our present life & relationships. Whether it’s simply an argument with a friend or family member, or some other painful life event, we can find it hard to fully let go. We blame situations, ourselves or others and can remain stuck in a state of frustration, anger and hurt, which can prevent us from fully enjoying our life.

This course will explain how training in mindfulness and meditation enables us to discover the real source of pain and difficulty within our minds. We will learn how to finally release it completely, leaving us with a deep feeling of relief and joy. In this way we can learn to let go of the past and move forward to the peaceful, joyful and fulfilling future we would want.

Becoming a Friend of the World

Saturday 17th of July | 10:00am – 1:15 pM


Someone who is kind-hearted and cherishes everyone they meet is an inspiring presence in an often negative world. A Bodhisattva is a friend of the world, who, motivated by compassion, spontaneously seeks to improve his or her good qualities for the benefit of each and every living being. In this course, we will learn that becoming such a person is not an unattainable goal, but the result of the practical steps to awaken and maintain our good heart.

Wisdom helps us to understand Buddha’s ultimate teaching that the things we normally see do not exist at all. By using both method and wisdom we can make quick improvements in our mind, so we can become a true friend of the world.