Chanted Meditation

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Wishfulling jewel 

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From 4:30pm

Wishfulling jewel practice is the heart essence of Kadampa Buddhism.

In the first part of this practice, we visualize Wisdom Buddha, Je Tsongkhapa, and make prayers and requests to purify negativity, accumulate merit and receive blessings or inspiration

The second part of this practice contains prayers to the Wisdom Buddha as the Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden, to help us overcome obstacles to our meditation practice. Please notice it’s a lifestream and not on-demand. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to contact us if you need more info. 

Offering to the Spiritual Guide Chanted Practice 

January 10th, 10th & 25th to say 7.30-9.15pm – Online Only – click here to join 10th – click here to join 25th

February 10th, 4-6 pm 25th 7-9 pm

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A powerful method to increase our compassion, wisdom and spiritual power. Everyone is welcome to join in.

The practice of relying upon a Spiritual Guide, or ‘Guru Yoga’, is the root of the spiritual path and the foundation of all spiritual attainments. In Kadampa Buddhism, Guru Yoga is practiced in association with Je Tsongkhapa, an emanation of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. The principal Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa is Offering to the Spiritual Guide, which is an extensive practice that is usually performed twice a month, on the 10th and 25th days, at Kadampa Buddhist centers.

Melodious Drum Victorious in All Directions


   January 4.30-8 pm on the 29th

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Dorje Shugden always helps, guides, and protects pure and faithful practitioners by granting blessings, increasing their wisdom, fulfilling their positive wishes and bestowing success on all their virtuous activities. This extensive sadhana – ritual prayers for spiritual attainments – is called ‘Kangso’ in Tibetan, which means ‘Fulfilling and Restoring Ritual’. Usually performed once a month in Dharma Centres, it is used for fulfilling our heart commitment to practise Lamrim, Lojong and Mahamudra and to rely upon the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, regarding him as inseparable from our Spiritual Guide and Buddha, and for restoring any degenerate or broken commitments we may have incurred. Also included are Praise to Manjushri, the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa, self-generation as Heruka, and the ritual for fulfilling and restoring our commitments with other Dharma Protectors.

Powa Ceremony

September 17th – 7-7:45pm

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The practice of transference of consciousness, POWA Ceremony, is done on behalf of one or more deceased persons, or countless deceased beings.
Through doing POWA Practice with faith, compassion, and concentration we can transfer the consciousness of those recently deceased to a higher rebirth or the Pure Land of a Buddha.

If living beings have the opportunity to take rebirth in a Buddha’s Pure Land they will attain permanent liberation from suffering and experience pure and everlasting happiness.

Our practice of this Powa Ceremony offers them this precious opportunity. By engaging in this practice we ourselves will create a great collection of virtue, which will also lead us into the pathway to the Pure Land.

Mahayana Precepts – 24 hour Purification Practice

 November 15th – 6:30am December15th – 6:30am

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This is a precious and powerful practice that purifies negative karma and produces positive karma, or good fortune for our future. It functions to improve our familiarity with the practice of moral discipline, deepen our compassion and make our human life meaningful.

This practise is traditionally done at daybreak on the 15th of every month. It takes the form of a short Sadhana of prayers and meditations, which, in general is guided. This takes place at 6.30-7am via live-stream.  

Open to everyone, but if you are new please contact us at [email protected]org for information about the practice before joining.

When we take the eight Mahayana precepts, we explicitly promise to abstain for twenty-four hours from eight actions:

  • Killing
  • Stealing
  • Sexual activity
  • Lying
  • Taking intoxicants
  • Eating after lunch
  • Sitting on high or luxurious thrones or seats
  • Wearing ornaments, perfume, etc, and singing and dancing, etc.

These eight, however, are merely symbolic, for in reality we promise to abstain from all non-virtuous actions for twenty-four hours. On this day we only eat one meal, if possible between 12-1pm.

Taking and keeping these precepts is a special purification practice. Buddha realised that all living beings’ suffering comes from their previous negative karma, and so he taught special practices to purify it.

Anyone is welcome to attend this early morning session and participate in this very meaningful day.  It is recommended to treat this day like a special spiritual day of retreat where, even if we have many things to do, we mentally focus on making every activity meaningful and refrain from meaningless, ordinary activities that often clutter our day and mind.

You can buy the eBooklet of the booklet used for this practice here